iPhone 6 Plus … Bends

While I usually favor alternative devices, Apple’s iPhone 6 is very impressive. However, if there are bad things they always stand out for new devices on the market. It’s still hot commodity right now, but, word is that the new iPhone 6 Plus bends.

Not in an intentional way like our Kald design, either. Unless it was secretly a part of the design plan for the Plus to bend. Is this a design flaw? Or, are people handling it the wrong way?

I suppose both are true. Regardless of the quality of the design, it should suit the customer as well as possible since it is a device for personal use. So, if too many users are ending up with bent up Pluses this may well affect the sales and cause a change in the design for the Plus models.

The more sensible users would not attempt to carry these wide yet slim devices bare in their pockets. If they weren’t soft enough to bend they’d probably bore a dent in the users’ leg.

I don’t own a Plus at this point but I’ve tested them. I’d imagine the best thing to do is to get a well designed carrying case that would clip on the belt or a sturdy sleeve to carry within the laptop case or bag.

Check out this iPhone 6 (non-plus) case on sale on Yicare by the way.

The iPhone 6 Plus is not the first smartphone with such a large screen, however, it may be the thinnest with such a large display. We’ve seen the HTC and Samsung Android phones that feature these large screens, but, they’re more hefty (thicker). Perhaps it is for the better that they are a bit heftier with the large screen design.

The iPhone 6 Plus phones are so thin that they are bound to bend. Perhaps the solution is to use some sort of metal that bends but realigns like the material used on a lot of vehicles nowadays that are damage resistant. Is it carbon fiber that they use? Not sure, but, maybe it could work. That is if it’s cost effective for Apple.


YICARE.us – our latest project

YICARE.us is one of the latest Kald projects which is an eCommerce site. YICARE will deliver a variety of products of different niches and categories via the online store at valued prices.

You will be hard pressed to find a better deal on many items.

YICARE is a fresh sense of why we do what we do. We are here to deliver quality products to our customers with simple efficacy… For our customers, We just do.

Make sure to check it out and order some goods! www.yicare.us


Offline It

We often say no idea is original. That may be true in many ways, however, formats can be quite unique. Unique may be valuable as well. In fact, sometimes very much so.

We’re in the age of social media dominance and many of us want to share a lot of things. However, we definitely don’t want to share everything! There’s been a recent trend of photo leaks from celebrities for example. Naked photos leaked of famous women that aren’t all into pornography.

Anyway, beyond just social media and naked photos we have the Cloud services which are very popular now. From Apple Cloud to Google Drive to Dropbox to Microsoft Onedrive; they are great for sharing data between company/organization employees or sharing data with yourself between devices.

offlineit_002There’s always the chance that this data can be leaked or even simply gazed upon by individuals or groups at these companies that are essentially hosting your data on their servers.

Next thing you know a product comes out that is derived from your data (without you necessarily knowing). So no, you don’t get too much kudos for it unless you can prove that it was snooped. Not to mention possible lawyer and court woes.

If you really have data that is valuable in any way, it would be best to keep it completely offline. Maybe have a bar-boned PC with no network card that simple stores all your good stuff. That is until you’re in position to benefit from it, of course.


Live Chat with us!

Kald is easily among the most impressive websites on the internet. We think different while knowing what the standards are. You honestly don’t see too many websites with as much intricate detail and fluidity, and, our site impressively adjusts to the mobile environment as well. Just a testament to our level of expertise and an idea of what we can do for you and your business in the online world.

We offer the very best quality of design and development liveChatservices for the web at valued prices. What can make it even better? A simple Live Chat widget for our customers to connect with us Live and on the go. It’s just another way to serve our clients better.

Live Chat with Kald is powered by PureChat technology, we’ll be able to connect with clients more efficiently. Make use of this feature on our homepage!


Sports Media Impresses & Pushes Tech

We’ve got movies and video games but sports promotion media is also very inspiring and lucrative field especially for video enthusiasts. In fact in some areas sports advertising/marketing pushes the field of video and media innovations in general.

That’s both on the design and on the hardware level. Just think of all those speed cameras that are advancing because we want to get better angles and crisper captures of fast motion in football, basketball, boxing, etc. Not to mention we want to hear the best audio possible to be in sync with that footage, too.

Preview the Mayweather vs. Maidana 2 SHOWTIME PPV

Another awesome example of sports advertising making use of video on a high level.


Getty Images for Photographers

That quote made me think twice since I would think english is dominant regardless of the Chinese outnumbering everyone. With pictures however, they have a point.

The world’s most spoken language isn’t Mandarin, it’s pictures – Getty Images

If you’re in any multimedia or content creation field chances are you heard of Getty Images. Getty specializes in photography which can be useful for many areas of business or interest in the multimedia world. Basically they provide high quality imagery for use in publications or for your personal use at a price. You can also get some royalty free standard (low-resolution) versions of these images for free on some occasions.

oilrigQuality photography is critical to quality production of any kind. It could be key in anything from a magazine cover to a good album cover to  a background of a green-screen video… whatever.

Normally they would have recent imagery relative to current events/news. I am sure they are always looking to expand their pool of photography, however.

Of course, they pay photographers to run around doing the good work for them as well. If you’re a photography definitely check out this competition they have right now until Sep. 7th.


Check out their special twitter page where they post specific wants/needs for shots they’re looking for. If photography is your things this is a great resource.

@GettyImagesWant ( https://twitter.com/GettyImagesWant )

However, I believe you would need to sign up with them here first:



Amazing sites to Learn From for Enthusiasts

Coding and Digital Content Creation in general is not for everyone. It’s an area of activity that required love for it and high attention to detail and dedication. In my teenage years I remember dedicating myself to practicing and learning Microsoft FrontPage and Photoshop skills for example. I was driven to learn more because I enjoyed the challenge of mastering it and I know I could make amazing things with those skills in the future. If you’re interested in the field(s), these are excellent online resources that can help you or your young ones learn.

Many colleges don’t teach these skills until you’re ready to pay big bucks, and, College tuition expenses aren’t likely to go away anytime soon. However, using these types of online tutorial sites can give one a major advantage of learning ahead of time or even in conjunction with college or certificate courses.

Many of these sites feature a lot of free tutorials but provide more vast resource of information for a monthly/annual fee. If they charge a fee they usually provide at least a 30-day trial so you can get a feel of what you’ll be getting for the price.

  1. Khan Academy – all around (not just technology based), and, I believe they are still fully free. Among the best centralized places on the web to learn something of almost any subject.
  2. Skillshare – offers 30 day free trial, a wide range of different topics to learn
  3. Treehouse – offers 30 day free trial, more web specific
  4. Sitepoint – Web Design & Development specific learning
  5. e-learningforkids – Exactly what is says it is, however, I think many adults could probably learn here as well. This also seems to be absolutely free resource.

RapGenius now “Genius”

Kald takes interest for obvious reasons. Congratulations to RapGenius which has now expanded to just calling themselves “Genius” and their fundraising venture which they’ve now raised near $60million to fuel their business backed by investor Dan Gilbert who happens to be a majority owner of the Cleveland Cavs. Dan is also the founder and chairman of Rock Ventures and Quicken Loans. This is another example of the fusion of collaborative business between technology, music and sports.

It’s amazing that a website which started as a simple intuitive tool to analyze/annotate Hip-Hop/Rap lyrics can grow into something much bigger. “Genius” has now expanded beyond Rap to include other genres of music and I imagine they ill be going further with the tools as well.

Check them out @ rapgenius.com or now simply genius.com.


Take notice to Tape-World.com

One of our original clients, Tape-World.com is ready for an upgrade and Kald will be of service. We were responsible for their current flash animation that is featured on their page, however, we weren’t involved with the rest of the site.

The CEO Paulette Abounader has now requested our services for an overhaul of their entire site. We’re glad to take up the task. Make sure to check out the current Tape-World site here.


Check out ASUMid.com

The latest Kald project is very special in a few ways. ASUM is the official website of the founder of Kald who is also a skilled Rap/Hip-Hop artist.

ASUM or ASŪM is a unique flavor of an artist that delivers high impact lyrical content across any style or rhythm. For those of you that have followed Kald for a while, you may notice this as part of the reason Kald has often mentioned Hip-Hop as positive influence. Check out the official ASUM site at asumid.com.

If you happen to be “cool” and you’re also into technology/geeky things… you’re probably not alone.

In fact, you aren’t… ASUM drives right down that street with distinction.

biznbitzlaptopAlso check out the ASUM GEARshop here to stay geared up with the official gear.

You may also customize color tones and choose from a variety  of sizes of course. High quality clothing with a variety of items for both male and female enthusiasts.

Not least and made especially for the fellow techies/enthusiasts/geeks is the #BizNbitz notebook case you see to the left.


Hip-Hop legend Nas invests in higher education

We’ve always been big proponents for the positive that comes from Hip-Hop and this is yet another great example. Everyone knows or has at least heard a song from the Hip-Hop legend Nas whether it be “If I Ruled The World”, “One Mic” or something more explicit like “Oochie Wally”.

Nas has been one of the most active emcees as of late to take stands behind supporting education. He has partnered with education firm Koru to provide assistance to college grads with both tuition and post-graduation employment. Check out this Billboard article for more details.