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In the present time a credit card has almost replaced cash. So it is very important to use services of a secure and reliable bank.
The Capital One is the bank you can trust. This one offers different credit cards which you can obtain online by providing the reservation number and the application.capitalone.com application code received by mail.
This banking institution is a member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation that means protecting of your money in case of the bank fails.
A short manual for those who do not know how to apply for a credit card of Capital One. The most convenient way is to direct online application. Use your device with the internet connection to do that. Visit the website of the bank and provide your reservation number and application code. Submit application form. As you see it is takes less than a minute and can be done by everyone.
BUT not all people are allowed to use the credit card of Capital One. You must be a resident of the US with great credit history and to be 18 years old or older.
Which credit card is better to choose? It is depends on your goals. Quicksilver Credit card is one of the most convenient because offers a 1.5% cash back for every purchase made by this card. Moreover, user can win a 0 cash prize if spend more than 500$ on purchases during the first 3 months of using the card. Also you can find credit cards for travelers, business and enjoy their benefits. Users who have their online account can check their current balance, payments and bonuses.
Contact Capital One support agents if you have some troubles with application process. Their numbers are: 1 877 383 4802 (US) and 1 800 227 48 25.

The main office of the bank located at 1680 Capital One Dr
MnLean, VA 22102.

Web Design & Development

  • Web/Interactive Design
  • Web Development

Get the highest quality of design on the web! Have a vision of how you want to present your business on the web?... Be confident that we can help. Kald understands the web from the inside out, and, we work with our clients to make sure that their online experience is well delivered.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Want control of your content updates and DON'T want to deal with complex code? We work with CMS systems including Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla so that you can make content updates with ease. We will work behind the scenes to ensure your content is delivered in the desired fashion. We can create a custom design to suit the specific needs of your business for an outstanding online presence.

Responsive Web Design (RWD)

It isn't enough to simply design a website. Mobile technologies present limitations that would make a perfectly designed site defunct on your tablet or cellphone. Kald specializes in responsive design that adjusts for mobile device screen size and functionality limitations. This makes your site as functional and useful as possible on both desktop and mobile environments in an efficient manner.


Online retailing can either be your priority shopping center or enhance your existing retail business. We can utilize eCommerce systems including Magento and Shopify or other shopping cart alternatives. We provide assistance through the setup process from the development side of things to the business procedures.

Animation (HTML5 & Flash)

Kald delivers quality animated content for your web experience. From simple animated advertisements, introductory animated experiences to full-fledged animated experiences; we've got you covered. We can utilize either Flash or HTML5 technology according to your needs.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Search Engiine Optimization

Increase traffic to your website! We can get your business well listed on major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Enjoy some of our featured works↓

  • Yicare

    "For our customers...
    We just do."
  • Online Store w/ an assortment of products

    design, branding, development & content integration...
  • clean & user friendly design & effective checkout process.
  • electronics, videogames, health & more

  • The Lazy Gardener Landscape Design

    "High style, low maintenance design."
  • Content and Design Upgrade

    our design & development expertise utilized to enhance content and layout...
  • customized media navigation for quality user experience

  • The Bridge Project

    "Connecting qualified veterans to great employers"
  • Branding Design

    from conception
    to vectorization

  • Brandy Library Store

    Select merchandise items from Tribeca's upscale brown spirits lounge.

  • BrandyLibrary.TV

    Video interviews featuring official representatives of brandy manufacturers.

  • old ideas

    are made new

    with an uncanny design

  • highly polished

    antique yet fresh

    fluid user experience

  • precisely crafted

    layered styling

    for elegant visuals & functionality

  • ThisIsStarLife

    Hip-Hop media and news out of New York City.

  • turnt' up feauturing

    upcoming artists

    & event promo

  • custom tailored

    wordpress cms

    & polished to the pixel

  • Real Data Management

    official website of RDM

  • specifically customized

    to RDMs' desire

    for a fresh web presence

  • polished feel

    soft & clean

    w/ subtle details

  • utilization of

    css3 animations

    for effective visuals

  • Errol Bonnick

    official website of the upcoming reggae artist Errol Bonnick

  • highly customized to the

    artists' desire

    for fresh music..

  • reggae vibrations

    wordpress customized

    I and I style


    an intriguing animated website exploring aliens and crop circle conspiracy

  • use of flash means

    w/ high detail animation

  • video streams secure

    visual appeal

    integrated to fit flush and precisely comforting

  • ufos

    swiftly invade

    the interface

  • Perth Arts Academy

    brooklyn based music school to teach the craft of music

  • from branding to web design

    design is in sync

    across the board

  • the great art

    of music

    is like no other

  • flash/as3

    New Life

    typographical animation of song 'New Life' by Hip-Hop artis AZ feat. Nina Simone

  • animated with

    precise timing

    to sync w/ audio

  • Highly Stylistic

    an experimental page with emphasis on style to explore the capabilities of css3

  • web design is very technical

    yet quite artistic

  • perpendicular corners can get pretty boring at times...


    adds flavor to the angles

  • utilizing new css3 capabilities

    psuedo-class line/letterspacing

    oh... and opacity

  • flash/as3


    unique approach to design

  • sound and visual cues

    subtle clues

    for navigation

  • flash/as3

    Frank Gehry

    presenting brief information and media about this very special architect

  • visualization mockup

    Upflo Sporting Goods

    concept design for a sporting goods online store

  • every item is precisely

    smooth & grided

    for a stimulating style

  • a balance of

    visual hierarchy

Graphic Design

  • Graphic Design

It's present in all aspects of our world today. Every website we browse, book, magazine, newspaper we read, every videogame we play, billboard we see, icon on our PCs or notebooks, apps on our mobile devices all rely on graphic design so that we may easily understand and enjoy the information and/or entertainment we interact with and experiences that we share.

Logo Design

A logo is essential for your business. We start the process with a variety of sketched concepts and work with our client to make sure their design represents their business well. We vectorize and fine tune the design as well as ensure it scales well to any dimension.

Business Cards

Want a great first impression? We can make sure that your business cards are well designed, printed, and stocked at valued prices. You can pick from normal to premium quality paper, rounded corners etc.

Multi-Page (Brochures, Booklets & Magazines)

Kald specializes in print or digital projects that contain multiple pages such as magazines, brochures etc. We've got the right expertise to give your publication an amazing aesthetic.

Flyers & Posters

So, you've got something to advertise. Perhaps a birthday party or special event. We can help you with a unique poster or flyer design.

Here are some of our featured samples↓

  • Brandy Library 2013

    banner design

  • Typography

    designed to fit well
  • brochure design

    Brandy Library

    2013 Newsletter
  • selective hues

    brown spirits

  • TRG

    New Years 2013
  • high detail

    Touch Up


  • Techromatic

    holiday season
  • hue in sync

    melting ice

  • concept advertisement

    Aki Ross

    from Final Fantasy:TSWI
  • reaching a rich, techy feel

  • branding design

    Perth Arts Academy

  • matched to

    customer desires

  • package design


    unofficial concept design

Kald Kald was founded in 2012 in New York City and is the brainchild of Kewsi Alleyne. Our goal is to create and inspire through qualitative works. Functionality, efficiency and style is what defines our business. We offer a unique and versatile approach to design, and, we pride ourselves on working with our clients to achieve desired results.

We love progressive design that push the capabilities of new technologies while still having the eye for professional user experiences. Customer service is valued as key to our success. We are dedicated to our clients with the utmost courtesy as we realize their value to us as we will be to them. We also make sharing some of what we do a joy. You may notice some details about our process along the site. Feel free to contact us for any new projects. Thank you for visiting.

- Kewsi Alleyne